ace bandage 6 inch

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. 17 product ratings. Available in 4 sizes: 2" x 5yds, 3" x 5yds, 4" x 5yds, and 6" x 5yds. Buy McKesson Medi-Pak Knit Elastic Bandage Wraps with Velcro. 6 inches width (15.25 cm). Be easy to use. Ideal for extra support at work or home. Be adjustable for a custom fit. ACE Elastic Bandages are 6 inches wide and designed for personalized compression, held securely in place with clips included as a set. Share - Elastic Bandages 6 Inch Ace Body Wrap Style With Self Adhesive Ends. Latex free and washable, these bandages retain their elasticity for … Convenient to store, easy to use ACE™ bandages Keep extra support close at hand. Your Selections: Remove Elastic Bandages ACE Brand Elastic Bandages are designed to: Provide optimal support. Advanced: Provides moderate support. Be comfortable to wear for extended period of time. Premium Elastic Bandages are a non-slip compression and support wrap that uses no pins, clips, or tape. 4.8 average … Elastic Bandages 6 Inch Ace Body Wrap Style With Self Adhesive Ends. This is an Ace Bandage type compression wrap. For best results, stretch and apply these elastic bandages before securing the Velcro closures.According to the manufacturer these elastic bandages … Unstretched length: 5.3 ft. 1.6 … These premium elastic bandages with velcro have a 1' Velcro start strip and a 2' Velcro closure strip for easy and securefastening. Latex free. Find ACE™ bandages with clips, hooks, and self-adhesive styles. Showing 1-4 of 4 Matching Products.

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