article writing class 10

Fast food does not feed your body in the form of usable lasting energy or building materials, the essence your body thrives on for life itself. You are Keerti/Kunal. In today’s age of stress and anxiety, the children need to understand the importance of sleep, meditation and yoga over social networking and the use of the cell phone. A study was conducted on obesity and many related diseases were found amongst teenagers. Everyone knows that a country with illiterate citizens can’t reap the benefits of progress. They do not go outside for any physical game. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Content: 3 Marks The article provides information on the topics 3. Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. They simply feed hunger along with our immediate craving. Question 5. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. As a result they don’t feel comfortable in the morning and their alertness and concentration is also affected. (Board Term-12013, Set 5007) (5 marks) To say fast food has a ‘nutritional value’ is an oxymoron. Sleep deficiency results in many health related problems like diabetes, obesity, depression also. Children should also break the shackles of unhealthy food and follow a diet-chart suggested by their parents. We must realise that trees regulate our climate and keep global wanning under check. Advancement in science has resulted in developing a new interest in social networking as well as overuse of cell phone by children. These types of food haven’t got any nutrition. Write an article to be published in your school magazine expressing your concern over the health hazards caused by fast food in about 150 words. Read other articles. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Some people are misusing technology and are not taking advantage of the wonders of science. They keep awake till late night because of these gadgets which affects their sleep pattern. Ignoring the health increases the risk of many diseases. Educating a girl child means improving their standard of work along with the gender discrimination at work. Choose a topic. Here are some guidelines you need to follow when writing an article: 1. Systematic presentation of ideas is a must. Fast food simply feeds hunger and/or your immediate craving. Meditation and yoga can help them a lot in overcoming sleeplessness. The inventions should not be used for selfish purposes. 2. Answer: But due to the malpractice of deforestation, the earth has became dry and infertile. 5. (ii) Beginning should be such so as to draw reader’s attention Health Hazards of Fast Food Your IP: Fast Food and its Nutritional Value (Board Term-1,2012 Set EC2,055) (5 marks) Such children later become prone to many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke. (ii) Organise in a proper sequence, Format and Important Points to be remember to write a Article Video games, Internet, cell phones and other high-tech gear are just part of growing up in a digital world. Answer: Obesity specifically refers to an excess amount of body fat. Article Writing Format CBSE – Article writing plays a major role in CBSE English Syllabus for all the classes. Know the purpose of the article. Lack of time for physical activity because of the demands of modem lives. They can be imparted vocational training also to make them self-sufficient and financially secured. Importance of Educating the Girl Child Discipline is the key to resolving these concerns. Write an article in about 150 words on the importance of afforestation and maintaining a green cover in the country to prevent pollution and global warming. They give rise to blood- pressure, result in hypertension and cardiac disorders. Importance of Afforestation Save them, Preserve them, Plant them. But very few pay attention to it. This Act has no doubt heralded a new era in the country’s formal education. Trees are life. (i) Paragraph-1: Introduction-briefly tell what the Article is about,... 4. (i) Never forget to – write die heading which should be eye catching • 3. For wholesome progress, the whole society has to be educated in one way or the other could be a vocational training. Forests are a gift of nature to mankind. You are Rekha/Rohit. The implementation has ensured education for all children within the age-group of 4-14 years. Taking help from the unit on Education, the following points and your own-ideas, write an article in about 150 words on the topic. Article. In modem times, fast food is rapidly replacing the nutritious food cooked in kitchen. This Act has definitely enlightened a new hope of a progressive and literate India which is a dream of every Indian. There are many methods of treatment but the benefits of exercise are much more than any other way of losing weight. It offers suggestions and pieces of advice 4. Generally, in CBSE English Paper section B – writing section will have a question where students are asked to write an article. The topic on which an article should be written … Formulae Handbook for Class 10 Maths and Science. All the body activities will return to their normal self and they will feel refreshed. Question 3. All the citizens of India should join hands to make this Act a success. Today, youngsters can be seen busy with chatting, surfing, playing video-games and what not. An article is written with the following objectives 1. Article Writing Format CBSE For Class 12 & Class 10 – Article Writing Marking Scheme, Examples, Topics, Tips. Even the girl child has a right to get educated and we must ensure literacy for the girl child also. Write an article of 120 words on ‘Concentration and Composure’, the need of the hour. The foremost thing to be done is the discouraging of child-labour. (v) Give your idea suggest measures. CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing. New Hope with the Right to Education (RTE) A child’s first teacher is the mother but in our country no importance is given to the education of a girl child. This leads to loss of energy also. (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,040) (5 marks) Carefully pick a timely topic around your area. You have seen the following news item in a newspaper. (iii) Suggestion on how to save/ conserve water Fluency: 1 Mark Answer: He has become apathetic towards them. No difference in learning ability or interest. They prevent soil-erosion and help in filtration of water also. Different articles will show you different writing styles. (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,039) (5 marks) To prevent all this and to maintain a green cover we must adopt trees and check their extinction. Process of writing an article is as follows : (i) Collect relevant matter (Content) Using your own ideas and those taken from the unit, ‘Science’, write an article in about 150 words describing both the benefits and drawbacks of using these high-tech devices. The time has come when tree plantation has become one of the major issues that we should not only be aware of but also practise at an individual level. This is due to the sedentary lifestyle found between the age of 12-14. Understand how to write an article. Title: Concentration and Composure, the Need of the Hour Sometimes, they develop chronic degenerative disorders also. We must ensure that all children go to school and not work in any field-domestic or industrial. These foods are hazardous for health. Class 10. A new Act – Right to Education was passed by the parliament recently and it has been implemented also. It is a fact that educated mothers will always impart education to their daughters because they know that there is no difference in the learning ability or interest between a boy and a girl.

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