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Log In Please note: this section is for managing your subscription to our Lifestyle or Beauty Boxes.For shop orders, please visit our Shop Account. On all UK Orders over £65 (while stocks last). I only wish I had made the connection sooner.'. KarrisKarris was a long term vegetarian who became vegan after coming across a very graphic video on YouTube that showed male baby chicks being ground alive, simply as a by product of the egg industry. Woof! A maker of electronics, a general ‘tech’ person and a self taught programmer, Liam likes to help people and animals and is currently looking after Maestro the cat, giving him a safe, warm home after rescuing him from a life not fit for such a prince. All of her pre conceived notions that being vegetarian didn't contribute to animal suffering came crashing down around her, and she started eliminating animal products from her diet before starting to consider the wider reaching aspects of veganism, such as the boycotting of marine parks and zoos. Let us introduce you to the amazingly diverse world of vegan products! In semper porta ipsum a placerat. Ethical. Even vegan advent calendars ! Quisque laoreet efficitur metus, ut eleifend turpis porttitor non. Perhaps the most common and unifying reason that people decide to go vegan is in the pursuit of a more caring, compassionate lifestyle. This article looks at what vegans eat and why people choose to eat this way. 5. Order by 2pm and we ship at 4pm. Vegan means kindness to the world, to animals and humans,  respecting nature and our planet. Based in London for the last few years, this key role gave her first-hand experience in the world of ambitious, fast paced vegan start ups, and it was during this time she turned veggie and was introduced to the incredible selection of vegan and veggie options that have exploded onto the scene! Vegan Christmas! View All Chicken Strips, Nuggets & Pieces, Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush (Various Sizes), Faith In Nature Shower Gel & Foam Bath (400ml) (Various), Candy Kittens - Sour Watermelon (Various sizes), Plant Based Artisan - Vegan Honea (Various) (190ml), White Rabbit Skincare - Comfort Cleansing Balm, Suma Alter/native Handmade Soaps (Various), 15 x Degradable Swing Bin Liners (50 litres), Honestly Tasty - Insteaddah Cheddah (Cheddar) (125g), Honestly Tasty - Shamembert (Camembert) (160g), Honestly Tasty - Veganzola (Gorgonzola ) (100g), Kallo - Organic Vegetable Stock Cubes (6x11g), Callowfit - Mayo Style - Fat Free Mayonnaise (300ml), Shropshire Spice Co - Cranberry, Orange & Roast Chestnut Stuffing (150g), Shropshire Spice Co - Roasted Chestnut Stuffing (150g), Shropshire Spice Co - Cider Apple And Sage Stuffing (150g), Plamil - So Free Vegan Smooth Salted Caramel Advent Calendar (110g), Shropshire Spice Co - Sage Lemon & Chestnut Stuffing (150g), Violife Vegan Cheese Slices, with Mushroom (200g), Violife Cheddar Vegan Cheese Block (Various), Violife Herbs Flavour Sliced Vegan Cheese (200g), Plant Based Artisan - Honea But+er Spread (175g), Violife Pizza Flavour Sliced Vegan Cheese (200g), Violife Smoked Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices (200g), Meatless Farm Co - Meat Free Plant Based Mince (400g), Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (340g) - Sriracha, The Brook - Rich & Comforting Mushroom Bolognese (380g), The Brook - Garlic & Fennel Seafood Stew (350g), Violife Cheese for Pizza Cheese Block (Original)(400g). He is a keen novelist, having already completed and published one horror novel, Dream Demon. I never gave it a second thought, and mistakenly thought that some animals were here because they were a food source. :)  She worked as a teacher for three years, then for almost a decade in the hospitality industry, where she gained experience in marketing and customer relationship management. Vegan Cheese, Vegan Chocolates, Vegan Sausages & Vegan Burgers - what kind? During the weekends he enjoys long walks with his girlfriend and their three dogs and working in the garden planting veggies. Deliciousness. Jenna and her family started on their vegetarian journey 20 years ago, after watching the film Babe, The Pig. Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Team TVK, having worked as Financial Director for one of the UK’s leading Mylk brands (and great friends of ours) Rebel Kitchen. Apps & Snacks Delicious Entrees Featured Recipes Seasonal Immune Boosting Carrot Coconut Soup Read Article .

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