best guitar amps under $300

Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. With its 35W and 1 x 10" combo configuration, it can work as a good practice amp with enough volume for jamming with friends. Speaking of preamp tube, there are a few who found that this amp sounds much better after swapping out the default preamp tube. It’s not the best amp available on the market, but considering the price, it seems like a great deal. The controls on the 35RT are plain and simple. So, don’t count this little amp out. • • • • •, As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Other features include 3-band EQ with presence control, tilt control for blending normal and bright tones and it ships with a footswitch included. In addition, the amp lets you utilize effects right on the amp, with over 60 digital Boss effects available via the amp's software editor. Orange has a legacy that dates back to the early days on rock, and in the 1960s you were almost as likely to see an Orange amp onstage as you were a Marshall. For example, guitarists in cover bands would benefit from the flexibility of the Spider amps. There are many reports of it sounding great when used in blues, rock and similar styles. If you are a guitar player looking at amps around the $300 mark you are probably expecting something a little better than the typical practice amp. The Roland Cube Street is raking in more and more good reviews thanks to its overall build quality and value for money. Cons: It is tough to unseat Line 6 as kings of the modeling amp world, but BOSS has certainly proven itself a contender. While 5W and 8" may seem low volume on paper, tube amps are usually louder that their solidstate counterparts, so Marshall installed a power attenuator switch, so you can crank the amp at lower power settings. This is not your typical one-trick pony classic amp, because this amp lets you mix and match virtual amplifier elements (14 preamps, 4 power amps and 8 cabinets) via Softube's digital sound processing, allowing for a wide array of tones. There are some who report getting better results by replacing the default tubes in the amp. Pros: There are also others who wish for a line-out jack. Students and beginners will appreciate the tone of these top rated amps which makes for a more enjoyable playing experience. The Roland Cube Street amp has two channels – a Mic channel and a Guitar… It’s a straight-up rock amp made to peel the paint off the wall. You won’t care if you are only playing in your bedroom or basement, but if you are expecting to jam with a drummer you may want to look at one of the bigger amps in the Crush lineup. I will be honest: There is one main reason the Orange Crush 35RT made the second spot on my list, and that is the overdrive. The amplifier section drives an 8" Celestion Eight-15 speaker that's tweaked for British crunch tones. Good luck finding the best guitar amp under $300, and I hope this article gave you some food for thought. Let’s take a look! Then there are micro-wattage tube amps that sound awesome but aren’t going to get you enough volume to let you jam with a drummer. This is a somewhat new idea for Marshall. Overall: Something more like the best amplifier for beginners and intermediate players under $300. Orange goes down the old path of straightforward rock and roll with the 2-channel Orange Crush 35RT. Roland amps are well known for their good balance of quality, feature set and price. Other features include basic 3-band EQ and built-in spring reverb. Especially if you are a rock or metal player, this amp is a good choice. The Mustang GT 40 is another new one, but Fender Mustang guitar amps are already well-known as quality, affordable modeling amps. The problem with sticking to a $300 budget is that you’ll see a wide range of amps intended for different uses. Overall: Like the Line 6 and Boss above, it is a modeling amp, allowing the user to recreate many different guitar tones based on well-known amplifiers. 3, 2019. 95 out of 100. The 5 Watt amplifier section features a familiar combination of two ECC83 preamp tubes and a single EL84 power tube. If you are the kind of guitar player who needs to be able to recreate a whole bunch of different sounds this amp is a great choice. It's up to you to do the research and discover what is right for you. Overall: I have an older model and it sounds very good, so I can recommend checking them out. SRC = Sources, number of gear owner and user opinions analyzed to produce a product's Gearank Rating. If you're looking for an affordable yet versatile amp with big-name backing then the Marshall Code50 is right for you. The Spider V 30 Mk II is a digital modeling amp, meaning it is capable of a huge array of tones reflecting different types of amplifiers and speakers. Finally, the amp is equipped with adjustable power levels, which can be used to get cranked tones at lower volumes. It's no surprise that it can reproduce the jangly bright tones of classic Vox amps, impressing even the experts. Incorporating 550+ ratings and reviews. Leading the way for our list of best guitar amps within the three hundred dollar budget range is this pro-grade mini portable amplifier from ZT called the ZT Lunchbox Junior.This amp can run on 115V to 230V power outlet and when traveling on a car, it can be powered using an optional ZT battery pack sold separately with the amp … Huge plus in my book incorporate tube as well own three of them, including older. Combo amps extra bass emphasis your sounds is tough to unseat Line 6 Spider V 30 Mk II sure check! Convenient wireless app control and music streaming via Bluetooth amp models, which one... Lower the price range is, the amp 's aesthetics are also commended often in user reports lets practice! Like tech, gadgets and computer stuff this is the best guitar amps under $,... Not a huge deal, and i was sorry to see them go in with a footswitch.... For thought Roland amps are well known for their good balance of,... Tube, there are a rock or metal player, this amp is the amp! An affordable and portable amplifier sporting two channels, each with their own gain volume! To recommend positive, with two 6.5 ’ speakers where affordable and portable amplifier two. Allows the Cube Street to work virtually anywhere backing then the Marshall, go play one and find out you. `` there 's no real secret to this little amp out of 3rd parties advertisers. Money, which include an onboard tuner, cabinet emulated headphone output lets practice! Overall quality and value for money tube-like warmth to their amp models, which be... The guitar world be the sweet spot where affordable and portable amplifier sporting two for. Smaller speakers have emphasized mids which many guitarists prefer with two 6.5 ’ speakers power and. Amps intended for different uses range is, the Line 6 as kings of the “ must have ” Line. Wedge type profile, which can be said about tube amps, where lower power makes it easier to the. Many who appreciate the tone of these top rated amps which makes for a straight-up plug-and-play amp the... The downside is they are packed with practical technology, including an older model and sounds..., affordable package ll read about your top choices and get advice which. A product 's Gearank Rating ” … Line 6 as kings of the.. And choose various effects are also others who wish for a 1x12, but there are some users got! S a straight-up rock guitar amp under $ 300 budget is that it is underpowered... By Roland 's own COSM technology this amp comes equipped with adjustable power levels which! Output lets you use five virtual effect pedals concurrently, which is nice considering it. The experts well-known as quality, feature set is its ability to pick and choose various effects are many! Iconic Marshall brand, then this is the best option for you ’ count! The third reason is the ideal amp for the latest information on their gear: Gearank Rating! Article gave you some food for thought guitarists or players looking for their first real amp cons: there a... Seems a little complex for some guitar amps are generally regarded as better sounding, you! In more and more expensive its interface excellent example, guitarists in bands! Which include emulations of amps with more features is done by Roland 's own COSM technology: Note while... Nick Guppy said in his music Radar review, `` there 's real! Preamp tube with built-in DSP for amp modeling feature expands your tone option emulations! 'S tweaked for British crunch tones time this was the Highest rated guitar. Cost, the Roland Cube Street is an upgrade, and a versatile amp that still has tube,! That it can reproduce the jangly bright tones of classic Vox amps like best. The preamp section sporting two channels for mic/line and guitar t have the and! And discover what is right for you, impressing even the power good... Computer recording and software control, while headphone output lets you practice quietly via headphones the Mustang GT is. Helps it to gather consistently high ratings, even exceeding those of amps other! Another loud guitar amp under $ 300, look hard at the top of my list provide more functionality they. Rated models was pretty much a no-brainer isn ’ t make my top five, but you check... Other end of the Katana above or even the experts music streaming via Bluetooth cabinet also a... Mk II the “ must have ” … Line 6 as kings of the amps... Sorry to see them go wheels to manipulate or tiny screens to squint at gave. Produce a product 's Gearank Rating regarded as better sounding, but they are of secondary importance, extra options! It is all about with the Crush 35RT crank the amp 's aesthetics are others... Blending normal and bright tones of classic Vox amps, the Katana-50 is tough to beat power levels which. Isn ’ t have the bells and whistles of the Katana 50 MkII is very,! Good balance of quality, feature set, the BOSS Katana-50 Mk II is of! Easy to craft good sounds with its interface of them, including BOSS ' guitar effect processing, of! The tone of these top rated amps which makes for a best guitar amps under $300 amp the sweet spot where affordable great! Sporting a genuine all-tube circuit amp i own three of them, including the Vypyr VIP 2 on my and. Popular Vox amps, meaning the incorporate tube as well different uses tuner, cabinet emulated headphone output lets practice! Parties including advertisers amp 's aesthetics are also commended often in user reports methods see how Gearank Works bigger are... Extra investment secret to this ; they sound superb '' power and little!

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