cardinal in a sentence

Sentence Examples. He joined in a plot against the cardinal. 10. Cardinal Keeler is president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. 7. 16. And so ostensibly are the greatest cardinal number and the. Take the familiar mathematical example of the greatest cardinal number. All this mystery piqued the cardinal. By the term cardinal (Cardinal is) was originally understood every priest permanently attached to a church, every clericus, either intitulatus or incardinatus. of the Opera, The Hague, 1891-93) is a study of what he termed the cardinal virtues.. Louis Cardinals. 15. Cardinal in a sentence. Doubt not that the cardinal had a hand in her death. In the Hebrew Bible, there is frequent reference to four cardinal directions. The cardinal was stricken with the plague. There she found the cardinal waiting for her. 1 people chose this as the best definition of cardinal: Of foremost importance; p... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. It is not a rooster, or the four cardinal points that we traditionally find perched atop French roofs, but a laced boot. 12. The principal halts of the journey corresponded almost exactly to the four cardinal points of the delta where these cities were situated. 4. Use "cardinal" in a sentence. cardinal in a sentence - Use "cardinal" in a sentence 1. 6. 13. This was the cardinal truth of the situation. 99. It was one similar to a cardinal. Cardinal number in a sentence (esp. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Received the cardinal archbishop of Bordeaux and determined to support the cardinals at Pisa against, 16 sentence examples: 1. 2. How to use cardinal in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word cardinal? Here are some examples. They ordered 18 sandwiches.

All ordinal numbers should be spelled out in writing, not abbreviated. 11. Cardinal was the final straw. 14. The brachial valve contains short crura and a prominent, branched cardinal process. cardinals example sentences. 5. Ordinal number definition: An ordinal number is a number that expresses a position relative to others. The German cardinal wouldn't submit. 2. The Cardinal looked over his. (Land's ed. Here are some examples. 2. Her back is to us as she faces a cardinal with voluminous robes and a malevolent expression. Cardinals Sentence Examples. Cardinal; 1. good sentence like. Cardinal Huge de Sancta Caro. How to use cardinal points in a sentence Looking for sentences with "cardinal points"? Sentence with the word cardinal.
Examples of Ordinal Numbers in Sentences: The only cardinal numbers that should be written out—not abbreviated with a number—are the numbers one through nine. 3. 2. cardinal direction in a sentence - Use "cardinal direction" in a sentence 1. The clock tower itself has four faces pointing towards each cardinal direction. That's what the dear cardinal said. Sentence Examples. He won it in 1985 with the St .

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