chunky apple chutney

Apple Chutney – Easy, Chunky, No-Peel! Place in large pot with 4 cup water, sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon, salt and cranberries. I am wondering how this would be with apple cider vinegar. I used 1.5 cups white vinegar. Any kind of chutney imo tastes much better after mellowing for a few days. This delicious chunky fruity apple chutney is the perfect accompaniment to cheese and crackers or cold meats and is so easy to make! The chutney should have the consistency of a chunky apple sauce. Peel and core apples; cut into 1-inch chunks. The cooked apples should be very tender but still offer a little bite. Cook on the stovetop and have delicious apple chutney ready almost effortlessly. DIRECTIONS. Small Batch Apple Chutney. This easy apple chutney recipe involves no peeling, no oil and only a handful of accessible ingredients. I would definitely cut back = maybe even replace 1/2 cup with some apple cider and cut back on sugar (at least water). Keep simmering until the most of the liquid has evaporated. The Britsh brought their love for chutney back from India like many of our food loves. Made today (Sunday) for Thanksgiving Thursday. It's strong!! This recipe works best with firm, slightly tart apples. 23 Oct.

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