conformal lec script

points: 2 Helpful Answer Positive Rating Jan 20, 2011; Mar 3, 2006 #3 P. peekpeek Newbie level 4. Conformal ECO Steps R1 vs R2 • Compare LEC golden RTL and Modified RTL. This should be clean. Reactions: chingchong. Logical Equivalence Check flow diagram. But it should be possible to get it passing with Conformal as well. R1 vs LAY1 •Compare Golden PNR netlist with original RTL. There are various EDA tools for performing LEC, such as Synopsys Formality and Cadence Conformal. If you have lec ultra license, you might have a chance to remove those abort points. LEC comprises of three steps as shown below: Setup Mode, Mapping Mode and Compare Mode. Conformal Lec User Manual Thank you unconditionally much for downloading conformal lec user manual.Maybe you have knowledge that, people have see numerous times for their favorite books in the manner of this conformal lec user manual, but end going on in harmful downloads. Fig-1. This should be clean. • Review the non-equivalence points. If you are using DC to synthesize, it is preferred to use formality and not Conformal for formal verification. R2 vs G2 •New RTL with ECO fix compared with synthesized netlist of R2 for equivalence. Conformal reported The main window will look as follows: Reading the RTL netlist First we read in the original RTL netlist. Once all are read in, next step is to do elaboration. conformal lec script example Mostly likely, you have some multiplier in your design, or you have some other resource sharing (like sharing some adders). C. chingchong. For Conformal LEC, this would be done by using the commands like read library, add search path, read design etc. LAY1 vs G2 •Non-equivalence expected. Some of the unsupported files would come as blackboxes, like RAMs/memories etc. Cadence Conformal equivalence checking library Hi, I am reading in the libraries to Cadence Conformal to do equivalence checking. You may need to fix those issues. We are considering Conformal tool as a reference for the purpose of explaining the importance of LEC. Elaboration stage will give warnings/messages about missing files, unsupported constructs etc. Maybe some additional constraints might be required. * Conformal script (Note: The file "cells.v" is identical to the verilog simulation files in the OSU cell library, except for the DFFSR cells, which required a small modification to work with Conformal) Starting Conformal To start the tool, type lec at the command prompt.

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