elysia alpha compressor hardware

elysia xpressor 500 KMR Audio. The alpha compressor plug-in is the software reincarnation of elysia's mastering compressor. The actual hardware goes for about $10,000 so few people will have the experience of actually using one, but this rendition of the Elysia Alpha Compressor VST gives you the experience for about 2.5% of the cost. Other product and brand names contained in this document are used for identification purposes only. The alpha compressor from elysia is a native based plug-in that faithfully recreates the company’s hardware mastering compressor. Elysia alpha compressor plugin ... alpha compressor was one of the alternatives to Unisum. The alpha compressor plugin is a faithful software reincarnation of elysia’s legendary $10,000 analog M/S mastering compressor. I like the sense of movement and punch it delivers. Download elysia alpha compressor manual online. With integrated M/S matrix processing, two selectable compressor characteristics, a sidechain filter, parallel compression and more, the software provides all the tools needed for full mastering inside a DAW. thu, 26 jan elysia• alpha compressor uad …, elysia mpressor the mpressor the original concept behind the hardware mpressor was a more affordable version of elysia’s flagship, the alpha compressor.. The elysia alpha compressor plugin gives you an emulation of the sound and features produced by the hardware. The software version, programmed by Brainworx, is surprisingly affordable and aims at delivering the same uncompromising quality and functionality as its slightly higher-priced hardware counterpart. Page 3 To avoid damaging the unit please allow it to reach room temperature before switching on. The hardware Alpha Compressor fully embraces the company's esoteric beliefs and is intended for top-end mastering studios - its RRP price of over £8,500 clearly makes it a wild dream for most. Page 2 GmbH. Review elysia mpressor Compressor Plug-In By Geoff. The Elysia Alpha Compressor Plugin, developed by Brainworx, is available from both Plugin Alliance and as a UAD plugin. The alpha compressor plugin is available for PC and Mac in 32 and 64 bits. The elysia alpha compressor is a mighty tool for professional dynamics processing.Featuring innovative functions with perfect technical implementation and an absolutely uncompromising quality of sound, it sets new standards for mastering applications and for cultivating any kind of audio material. alpha compressor stereo equalizer pdf manual download. Hardware Emulations M/S Inside The mastering will profit from this ultimate dynamics processor, but the compression section is a very useful tool, too.

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