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Depressing advice for political science grad students (via Chris Lawrence). When anything involves considerable time and effort to complete, it’s always wise to plan ahead. Since test score results can be a waiting game too, especially if you did a retake, I recommend uploading those to your application as soon as they’re available and fresh in your mind. A rushed job could cause you to forget to ask for recommendation letters or entirely miss the application deadline. And on the flip side, what about grad school makes you nervous? Although, I recommend applying as early as possible for each school because that seems to be your greatest chance of getting accepted. Be careful to not fall into the trap of writing a personal statement that you think the admissions committee wants to hear. What classes did you do well in? Write down what schools stand out, and make a note of some reach and safety schools. The reason I showed you how far you’ve come is because you probably didn’t know exactly what you were doing in each of those actions above, but you eventually got through them. Certainly, good news by email is generally followed up by something in the mail. Filling out the FAFSA, scholarship, and grant applications aren’t fun, but for those who will get money because of it, the time is more than worth it. So when you add the years of your life and tuition spent on a career you’re not exactly interested in, it’s like lighting part of your life and your money on fire. Are there any specific professors that you would be honored to learn from? I wish I didn’t have to write this, but too many peers I know went to grad school because they couldn’t find anything better to do. 7 ... So use this rejection to gain perspective and improve. Lastly, keep in mind tuition and cost of living when creating your list. Your hard factors like test score, GPA, undergraduate school, and program show one side of you. Does it make sense to go to grad school next year, or is it smarter to take time off gaining work experience and, If you get tripped up by a question, then carefully take a step back to reconsider if grad school is the best option for you. To help you with both the admissions process and to potentially narrow down your list, it’s a great idea to connect with those who already walked in your shoes. Grad applications discussion forum Found this site about applying to grad schools. Or if you procrastinate to the last day and then a technical problem occurs, you have no grace period to call the admissions office and get it straightened out. Take it slow, and you’ll be fine. I've applied to two departments here at Iowa: one being the ultra-competitive Writer's Workshop and the other being the moderately-competitive English department. You might suffer from trying to make your application perfect, but you need to get out of that mindset because it only holds you back. academic cv No matter the question, you don’t want to end up boring the admission committee with a clichéd response. Although I admit some grad schools give you a better chance to get your dream job than others, regardless it’s still important you don’t mistake your true goal (your future career) with a stepping stone goal (a certain grad school). While admissions forums can offer up valuable advice, students also turn to them to let off steam about parental pressures. For in-depth training, visit:, Diligently planned your class schedule each semester, Spent hundreds of hours preparing for your grad school admissions test and took the test, You might suffer from trying to make your application perfect, but you need to get out of that mindset because it only holds you back. Do the same with your work references, except I’ve found that professors might hold more value to the admissions committee. I cried for a second, made some tea, called my school and somehow they let me resubmit my SOP even though my application was submitted. So start brainstorming ideas that truly allows the committee to get to know you on a deeper level. The Most D-List Posts Ever. Or when they’re torn on who to accept and reject between a small group of students with a few spots left, they will choose who interviews better. 1. By taking action to complete the grad school application tips I laid out below, you’re bound to complete an excellent application that impresses the admissions committee. Now that you have the general idea, this blog post has all the specific details and word-for-word scripts you can use when asking for a recommendation: Confirm all your references submitted their recommendation letter? Specifically ask if they feel comfortable writing you a detailed, excellent recommendation letter. Wimminz in Academia, now with 100% Fewer Babies. Read article, Top Ten Tips for Getting Graduate Grants Don’t let that be you. Finding a grad school that places alumni in a location you prefer is extremely important. Now that you have the general idea, this blog post has all the specific details and word-for-word scripts you can use when asking for a recommendation: What is the most unique, unusual, or impressive trait about you? Mostly Harmless. When you consider where you see yourself getting accepted, where you want to work after graduation (as many grad schools place people in their immediate region), and total cost of attendance, the waters get muddy. The waiting period can seem like the hardest part of this entire process, which is ironic because it requires no actions.

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