how to cook japanese sweet potato in microwave

STEP 1: choose the best sweet potato. But sometimes, you want your sweet potato fix, and you don’t want to wait an hour while they roast. To cook sweet potatoes in the microwave, start by washing them, of course! Choose the branded sweet potato than non-brand. Buy the sweet potato in the best time of year, November to January. I cook and turn it at 1 minute intervals until it feels soft when squeezed. Follow these timelines to cook your sweet potatoes in the microwave, depending on how large the potatoes are. With a sweet and rich flavor, it’s beloved fall produce in Japan. Halfway through the cook time, rotate the potato—be careful, it will be hot. Enter the microwave! Used in both savory and sweet dishes, Japanese sweet potato or Satsumaimo has a distinctive purple-ish skin. 3. How to cook a sweet potato in the microwave- the quickest way to do it when you’re in a rush! Here are some tips to get a real sweet, sweet potato. Check the potato for doneness. 2-3 inches thick: 8-9 minutes on high; 4 inches thick: 10-11 minutes on high; 5-6 inches thick: 13 minutes on high The best sweet potato means the sweet potato with high sugar content. Japanese sweet potatoes are called Satsumaimo (さつまいも, サツマイモ). The answer depends on the size of the potato. I’m thrilled to tell you about my journey to the sweetest baked Japanese sweet potato “recipe”. If it is still a little too firm, continue microwaving one minute as a time. Sweet potatoes are a delicious, nutritious, and versatile veggie. I turn it again. I cook the potato on high for 2 minutes. Learn more about the amazingly versatile Japanese sweet potato, its health benefits and how to cook with it today! Place the potato on a microwave-safe plate (sugar may leak out as it cooks) and cook on HIGH for five to six minutes. To cook whole sweet potatoes in a microwave oven, I put the scrubbed potato on a plate. I turn it over and cook for another 2 minutes. It’s no secret that we love sweet potatoes here at Sweet Peas & Saffron. But baking a sweet potato in the oven takes a while — anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes — so you probably don’t think of them as a quick and easy meal option. If it hisses a lot while cooking you can prick it with a fork or a knife to let out some steam. Here’s a quick how-to guide for the next time you want to enjoy a sweet potato but don’t want to wait nearly an hour for it to bake in the oven. How Long to Cook a Potato in the Microwave. Wash Your Sweet Potatoes. Microwaving a sweet potato is really easy, too! If you learn how to cook a sweet potato in the microwave, however, it can be ready in minutes without sacrificing flavor. How to Microwave a Sweet Potato 1.

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