how to use little giant incubator

Depending on the time of year I am at around 50% for the first 18 days. First off here is a troubleshooting guide. I only fill the first trough with water and remove the red vent plugs so that the eggs get plenty of fresh air. The Little Giant Still Air Incubator is made of durable styrofoam to help retain warmth and keep a constant temperature. 13 Years. Little Giant Incubators are made in the USA, but the egg turner and accessories are not. Mar 30, 2011 #4 chicknmania Crowing. I'm getting ready to start my first incubation of the year with my Little Giant incubator and I haven't had much success in the past. still air incubator or forced air? Follow the instructions that come with the incubators. The Little Giant®10300 Circulat-ed Air Incubator or the 9300 Still Air Incubator out˜tted with a 7300 Heater with Air Circulating Fan Kit (sold separately) can operate in room temperatures between 60ºF – 80ºF. I don't have an auto. I recommend the Little Giant 9300 to all Hobby incubation enthusiast for its ease and user-friendly digital adjustments. Little Giant 9300 Still-Air Incubator is the tried-and-true way to incubate and hatch eggs, with updated digital technology. I have seen a lot of people having problems with their Little Giant Incubators. egg turner so I've manually turned the eggs 2 and 3 times a day in the past (up to day 18 of course). Please note that the humidity in your area will have an impact on how much water you'll need in the incubator to keep it within the correct humidity range. The LCD display with LED light shows accurate temperature and humidity readings instantly. It will dry out if you don’t add more water. I end up putting additional water in that first trough about every three days. Wire or plastic grill safely supports eggs during hatch period. Quote:How often do you need to add water? For optimal performance we recommend using the Little Giant 9300 with a circulated air fan kit. The Little Giant® 9300 Still Air Incubator can operate in a room temperature between 65ºF – 72ºF. The Little Giant and Hova-Bator incubators come with simple instructions on how to use the water channels in the floor of the incubator. Incubators feature two 4 inch x 8 inch viewing window with solid state thermostat control, thermometer and moisture rings. Red light flashes- This is normal, the thermostat is turning on and off. Humidity too low- Put a sponge or square container in. The Little Giant still air incubator (Little Giant 9300) is a basic egg incubator that can be used for reptiles and birds. Jan 26, 2007 5,757 1,046 472 central Ohio . Does it evaporate in a day? We run still air, hand turn and Achieve 92% hatch rates with the little giant 9300. Step 2: Installation and Set Up Unpack your incubator. Before you use this incubator, you must understand and respect the basic principles of incubation. I use Hovabator incubators for the first 18 days of egg incubation. Problems: Incubator won't hold Temperature- It is in a drafty room or the thermostat control unit is out. Chicken egg incubator includes durable styrofoam that retains warmth, generated by a gentle heating element controlled by a highly dependable, digital control board.

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