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Makos: Make a high damage formation to set a high BUD, then switch to a gold find formation that includes Makos. While certain Champions that increase gold gained come marked with the Gold Role, others do not. Soft Cloth Eyepatch: Soft Cloth Eyepatch (Shiny) Soft Cloth Eyepatch : File:Calliope 6 2sh.png: File:Calliope 6 2g.png: A pleasure to wear - it's like a blanket for my eye! That's it. Some of the combinations are only active for a few hours, others we will see how long they last before expiring. Arkhan (unofficial) - Arkhan's Slot 3 Item grants a Gold Find bonus. Because their placement in the Tier list is based on having the others with them. I did not include anyone that doesn't have either the Gold Role or an ability that grants Gold. History. I hate Tier Lists. This is not a competitive game so you don't need a Tier List to play it and enjoy the game. How do I make sense of the ratings/information? Then knock the enemy back and slot in an optimized gold find formation. Jarlaxle's Master of Piracy ability increases overall Gold Find and gets better with more Rogues or Drow in the formation. HOWEVER, her gold find buff is observable/usurpable and affected by Nrakk (who also buffs the observe effect). Specialization doubles that bonus. This can be a highly-subjective ranking if done wrong. Press J to jump to the feed. Those without the Role are labeled as (unofficial). Briv as solo tank with full health pots will probably be able to achieve this. Makos should not be A tier above Jarl (or probably even CotH) because he requires directly killing enemies to get the gold, he doesn't work with Azaka, he shares a spot with Drizzt, and you sacrifice his damage buff to get that gold buff. Azaka (unofficial) - Azaka's Guiding Hand ability increases the amount of Gold found on your runs, but her true value is in her Ultimate when she chooses the Resist the Curse specialization. This is part of his Ruby Invigoration ability. Even without upgrades, Item support, or Feats, this buff ends up one of the best in the game with a full Companions team due to its multiplicative nature. :). She has Item and Feat support, but is hampered by a lack of decent upgrades. The following chart outlines the rating breakdowns and what that means in terms of ranking level. She has an ability that increases damage for the number of Champions who have the Gold Role in your formation, which is arguably the only reason she has the Role herself. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki. This Champion is not a great option for high-end play. However, it won't get updated THE MOMENT a new Champion comes out or things change in the game. This Champion is a viable option for high-end play, but may not be the best option. This Champion, either alone or in combination with other Champions, over-powers every other option available. Add new page . Favor ** (Level 100 for Golden Palm ~e10 Gold, level 190 for Ki Infusion ~e14 Gold, contiuous upgrades), Formation ** (Stoki needs to be adjacent to whoever is killing things). I'll be breaking the rankings up by Role, so some Champions will appear in multiple lists because they have multiple Roles. You shouldn't. Catti-brie (unofficial) - Catti-brie provides a Gold boost via the Bounty of the Hall pool that she and the other Companions (and Pwent!) Drizzt should be a tier higher because he gives gold find via spec, he helps Jarl's drow gold, and he gives more gold via Nrakk. If done right, it's still somewhat subjective, but that subjectivity can be offset by the utilization of a predetermined ranking structure. Swap Jim to Catti immediately after getting the mimic and wait for enemies to all get 10 pilfer stacks plus at least the boss to get 10 pain stacks. However, because they affect each other multiplicatively, they become, as a whole, one of the best Gold Find groups in the game. The Speed Tier List - Updated April 5th, 2020, The Healing Tier List - Posted April 23rd, 2020, The Gold Tier List (This Post) - Posted April 27th, 2020. The non core champions you want to get in order of effectiveness are: Azaka > Krull > Jim > Drizzt > Nrakk > Regis > Wulfgar > Cattie/Pwent/Donaar. Jim's magic wand turning things into chests and Krull's traitor abilities can help with this, as can ults that hit enemies in the back, like Hitch's. What breaks Krull, both in terms of Gold and debuffs, is his Virulent Strain ability. Original Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Other More. You just have to work harder for it. Favor ** (Level 450 for ability ~e17 Gold). This is part of his Empowered Warhammer ability. The BUD should carry over and kill enemies, but your gold find will be at the higher level. Jim (unofficial) - Jim's Wand of Wonder ability has a chance to polymorph a normal enemy into a Mimic, which then drops 10x the Gold a normal enemy would. This is the key element of "Azaka Farming" and allows you to earn obscene amounts of Gold without needing to kill anything. you get the same benefit from Bruenor regardless of whether or not other CotH members are present. Môrgæn only takes Gold from you, she doesn't increase your Gold Find in any way. The members consisted of King Bruenor Battlehammer, Drizzt Do'Urden and his companion Guenhwyvar, and Catti-brie, Wulfgar and Regis . The more Champions that are adjacent to him, the more money you make. This Champion is neither strong nor weak. Stoki is firmly A-tier for gold find. Being in formation with more Warlocks or Evil Champions increases this even further. Just don't focus so hard on being efficient that the game becomes un-fun for you. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons strategy video game that brings together D&D characters from novels, adventures, and multiple live streams into a single grand adventure. Some people also like to stick to meta Champions that rank high on Tier Lists so they can be more efficient with their time spent in-game. I still think you shouldn't though. contribute to. The Companions of the Hall was the unofficial name for the adventurers who retook and subsequently defended Mithral Hall. Favor * (Level 35 for base ability ~e06 Gold, level 280 for Specialization ~e12 Gold, continuous upgrades), Feats *** (Frugal - default, Lucky - from Gold Chests, Charmed Life - from Patron (Strahd)), Formation ** (Paultin wants to be adjacent to as many Champions as possible to maximize his boost). Strategically place them according to a Formation Strategy to overwhelm your enemies! Idle Champions is not a competitive game, so I tend to hate them even more here. At the end of the day, a Champion with a Gold Role that decreases the Gold you find isn't under-powered, it's broken. Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. This Champion is rarely ever used outside specific variants that don't give you any other option. When the click-firebreath stops mowing down everything in sight, swap your BUD team back in and repeat as necessary.

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