management of citrus gummosis

Citrus Rio Grande gummosis is a fungal disease caused in part by the pathogen Diplodia natalensis along with several other fungi. If you live in area where this pathogen is widespread, you should treat your tree with chemicals as a preventative measure. Normally, the advice is to prune out the infected areas, but that looks really difficult from the one picture that shows it at the base of so many branches. I am wondering if I can try and build the tree health to help.. Are either of those present?… Read more ». I think it might be okay to graft them. What should I do? Have you fertilized your tree… Read more ». The gum that Leucostoma fungi produce has a dark amber color. Do you think there is any way I can save it? Hi Vijay, I’m so sorry about your tree. It may not be possible to prune out all of the damage if the fungus has spread. The fissure in the trunk looks like your tree has bacterial canker (Xanthomonas campestris). I don’t doubt the stink bugs but it’s also caused by a white Chinese moth. Insects, especially borers,… Read more ». The link to contact them is in my reply to Lou’s question. Hi Gaia, Yes. And then I’d assume I’d retreat the area again after exposure and letting it dry a little… Southern AZ at 4,800 elevation, Hi Eric, I’m not sure that protective paint would help with the root cause. I am highly curious and would love to hear back from you… Read more », Hi Helga, I would like to start by thanking you for helping so many people with their problems. Protect the bark of your tree from sunscald during the winter. Many companies make sprayable forms of copper to treat bacterial and fungal diseases. You should carefully prune out the damaged tissue to the healthy wood and make sure to sterilize your pruning shears as you go. I recently moved into a new house in Oregon with a very sad cherry tree in back. The best cure for citrus gummosis is prevention, by high budding on sour stock and provision of resistant conditions, but the grower who already has valuable low budded trees on heavy soils with a large amount of gummosis, wishes a remedy. © Ask the Experts, LLC. Hi Bianca, I am so sorry that your cherry tree has gummosis. I think my Cherry tree has gummosis as well! If that is the case, you will have to cut the blemish out of the fruit before you can eat it. I’m not positive, but it looks like your tree might have Leucostoma canker, which can infect at sites that have been pruned. A few years ago, it started leaking a little sap and now it has multiple sites. The fungus will continue to live on the dead tissue and will keep producing spores to infect other trees. Likewise, if there is gum secretion on any part of the tree, clean it off and use Bordeaux-pest as mentioned before. Think excessive. Decline may occur may occur over several years or can happen rapidly within a year, especially under conditions favourable for disease development. I don’t think the gravel would hurt the drainage, and I suspect that whatever insect is eating the leaves is a separate issue than what is causing the tree to decline. I’m so sorry that your weather has been so conducive to diseases on your fruit trees! It’s hard to diagnose those kind of symptoms from a distance. What can I do? If you do have the peach leaf curl disease and leaking sap, I would say that you have two separate problems. The Phytophthora species causing gummosis develops rapidly under moist, cool conditions. Injuries from mowers or weed whackers can cause it, but that looks too high up on the tree for that to be the case. I have a mango tree and not sure if it has gummosis. You should clean your pruning tools between cuts, so you don’t spread the infection. I would strongly suggest that you contact your local county extension agent to see if he or she can diagnose the problem and then advise you on the best treatment. That would suggest a… Read more ». You can usually diagnose that by seeing if there are little bits of excrement that look like sawdust in the sap.

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