niko niko holmesglen menu

Baked roll. 2.25 each; 6 for 13.00; 12 for 23.00; 24 for 45.00, Shrimp broiled in fresh, house made tomato & basil sauce, with baked feta. Albacore, cucumber, jalapeno, gobo, cilantro and spicy tuna with sauce. Shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado, jalapeno, scallop and mushroom. No lettuce. Comes with teriyaki sauce. Baked spicy crawfish and smelt egg on California roll. Spicy crabmeat on top of crunch roll. Fried scallop on California roll. Includes traditional gyros or chicken gyro, onions, tomatoes, pita bread & tzatziki sauce. 30/70.00, Seasonal squash rolled in fillo dough with fresh mint, dill, parsley & feta cheese. Comes with teriyaki sauce. Signature spicy sauce, spicy crabmeat, avocado, shrimp and cucumber. Chicken Breast Stick Roll (Deep fried breaded chicken) *CONSUMING RAW OR UNDERCOOKED SEAFOOD, SHELLFISH, … Chicken Breast Katsu & Vegetable (Deep fried breaded chicken) Fried Rice, Brown Rice, Brown Fried Rice. California roll, soft shell crab with teriyaki sauce. Spicy tuna, salmon on top of California roll with special sauce. Spicy tuna, cream cheese, soy paper and crabmeat. Baked albacore, crawfish, crabmeat and avocado. 30/60.00, Fancy zucchini, green onions, fresh dill & halloumi cheese, pan fried in extra virgin olive oil, topped with a dap of our famous tzatziki sauce. Baked roll. Large tray 75.00, Pilaf style rice cooked with extra virgin oilve oil, lemon & tumeric. 4.00 each, Juicy half chicken traditionally roasted in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Greek oregano, rosemary, cracked pepper & fresh lemon juice. 9.00 each, Gyro, chicken kebob or falafel sandwich served with hummus, housemade potato chips and a Greek cookie; $13.50, Includes traditional gyros or chicken gyro, onions, tomatoes, pita bread & tzatziki sauce. 7.00 each, Traditional Greek meatballs baked in house made tomato sauce, topped with crumbled feta cheese. 11.50 each, French style lamb chops chargrilled to perfection and served with three dipping sauces; housemade mint pesto sauce, our famous spicy honey sauce & the classic yogurt tzatziki sauce. 100.00 (5 Dozen), Fresh northwest pacific salmon filet broiled in extra virgin olive oil, garlic & seasonings, served with out house made pesto sauce on the side. 26.25 Small Tray (feeds up to 10);  51.00 Large Tray (feeds up to 20), Greek style lasagna made with thick pasta tubes, ground beef & spices, topped with creamy bechamel sauce. No rice. Eel, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, salmon and shrimp tempura with special sauce. No rice. Spicy tuna on California roll. Eel on California roll. 8.25 each, Moist stuffed chicken breast with rice, onion, garlic, walnuts, celery, carrots & mozzarella cheese, served with bechamel sauce on the side. Baked shrimp, scallop, crabmeat and avocado. Eel and avocado on California roll. Comes with teriyaki sauce. Comes with teriyaki sauce. 8 pieces chef's choice assorted sushi and 6 pieces spicy tuna roll. on Grubhub. 12.00 (Dozen), Totally cool, Greek version of the margarita. Comes with teriyaki sauce. 72.00 Half Tray (feeds up to 15); 140.00 Full Tray (feeds up to 30), My dad’s recipe! Includes oven roasted potatoes or rice. Large tray 95.00, Pita chips baked in the oven with extra virgin olive oil, Greek oregano & kosher salt. Baked spicy crawfish and smelt egg on California roll. Small (serves 20) 195.00; Large (serves 40) 385.00. Small tray 18.00;  Large tray 36.00, Smoked eggplant, tomato, garlic, onion, fresh parsley, topped with walnuts, extra virgin olive oil & seasonings. Spicy scallop and avocado on California roll. Comes with teriyaki sauce. Chicken Breast Stick Salad (Deep fried breaded chicken) Fried Rice. Asparagus, cucumber and avocado. A blend of ground beef, fresh mint, fresh parsley & garlic. 30.00 (dozen), Double fudge brownie, topped with cream cheese crust, drizzled with white chocolate sauce. Tuna, salmon, albacore, tilapia and spicy yellowtail. 62.00 Half Tray (feeds up to 15); 120.00 Full Tray (feeds up to 30). Traditional Greek rice pudding topped with fresh ground cinnamon. 12/24.00, Hand rolled cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice, fresh seasonings, topped with homemade tomato sauce. Salad. 48.00 (Gallon), Our frozen mango margarita. 7.50 each, Red ripe tomatoes traditionally stuffed with ground beef. 6/9.00; 12/17.00; 24/32.00; 48/62.00, A Tex Mex classic with a delicious Greek twist. Small tray 18.00;  Large tray 36.00, Feta, Kasseri & Kefalotiri cheese with a variety of Greek olives. 15.25, Flaky fillo filled with ground walnuts & cinnamon, topped with homemade honey sauce. 21.00 (Dozen), Cookies made with olive oil, orange zest, cinnamon, honey & walnuts. Small tray 39.50. Vegetarian. Drinks come with Niko Niko's cups, spoons, lemons, and sweeteners. 27.00 (Dozen), Traditional Greek rice pudding topped with fresh ground cinnamon. Small tray 39.50. Baked roll. Comes with teriyaki sauce. Join Facebook to connect with Niko Bokos and others you may know. 30.00 (Dozen), Creamy custard topped with flaky fillo & homemade honey sauce, sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon.

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