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| i > i < is: A Born's rule The probability of the state | collapse to an eigenstate | of an ... Modern Quantum Mechanics. A physical system is generally described by three basic ingredients: states; observables; and dynamics (or law of time evolution) or, more generally, a group of physical symmetries. is associated a function ) Similar equations can be written for any one-parameter unitary group of symmetries of the physical system. ) (Possible results) h {\displaystyle h_{i}} Property: − ψ , n t atomic physics.} is Dyson's time-ordering symbol. The phenomenology of quantum physics arose roughly between 1895 and 1915, and for the 10 to 15 years before the development of quantum theory (around 1925) physicists continued to think of quantum theory within the confines of what is now called classical physics, and in particular within the same mathematical structures. T ( ψ {\displaystyle \pi } A We have seen that evolution operator provides state at time 1 i s A U e U H = > = R {\displaystyle A(t)} For a system with one particle with spin zero in a non relativistic ℏ s Furthermore, to the postulates of quantum mechanics one should also add basic statements on the properties of spin and Pauli's exclusion principle, see below. , the average value of measurement is {\displaystyle {\mathcal {H}}} = H = observable. Note that if t A The same formulation applies to general mixed states. , N {\displaystyle H} A > H ( a {\displaystyle (1,\dots ,N)} A S The result of a measurement of a physical quantity ∈ H j The Stone–von Neumann theorem dictates that all irreducible representations of the finite-dimensional Heisenberg commutation relations are unitarily equivalent. t H ( : ϕ . H d P The characteristic property of the von Neumann measurement scheme is that repeating the same measurement will give the same results. {\displaystyle \psi (x)} 0 A 2 Postulate: + U t i = values. 1 ) \index{Heisenberg representation} Interaction representation makes easy perturbative calculations. H S More precisely: To present the next quantum mechanics postulates, "representations" ([#References|references]) have to be defined. and equal to the corresponding state in | h ( Quantum mechanics substitutes thus to the classical notion of position and It / S , H doesn't depend on time), then we have seen that, U A i … is a permutation of H H > where > {\displaystyle |\psi >} … ( t ) S {\displaystyle A_{S}} t where ( ( {\displaystyle t} = H have to be precised for each physical system considered. → T This operator is an π integrated and it yields: U = {\displaystyle t\in R\rightarrow A_{H}(t)} | ℏ t ψ N. Weaver, "Mathematical Quantization", Chapman & Hall/CRC 2001. Postulate: The quantum harmonic oscillator is an exactly solvable system where the different representations are easily compared. ψ

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