rough collie shedding

Is that too much to ask? All Rights Reserved. You can minimize shedding by keeping your Collie’s coat healthy with diet, shampoo, supplements and no stress or parasites. A female Collie has even more reasons to shed, some will shed before they come into heat, providing a clue of things to come. A great way to make short work of collecting that shed hair before it gets loose in your house. You can follow this link to find flea and tick control products on Amazon. Some shedding occurs naturally with the seasons but other times it can be a sign of health problems. Regular brushing will remove loose hairs from the coat and stimulate the skin to increase circulation and improve overall coat health. Heavy shedding (both coats) A Rough or Smooth Collie may not be right for you. I used to take a pretty lackadaisical attitude to my Collie’s shedding and it got real bad, Collie hair on every surface in my house. Check out the selection of slicker brushes found here. Think back and try to determine if the shedding happened after some sort of stress inducing event for your dog. Then I learned that if I didn’t want Collie hair in my food and all over my clothes I needed to take command of the shedding. So I did something about it. When one of the hairs stops growing it comes loose but may be stuck in place either in the crowded follicle or tangled in other hairs of the coat. Pleas keep me in mind. They are beauty in motion. There are special attachments available to vacuum your dog’s coat and collect shedding hair, fleas, ticks and other debris that can be caught in the coat. Fleas and other parasites can cause excessive scratching and hair loss. Shedding is usually accompanied by some scratching but keep your eye out for excessive scratching which could indicate parasites. A Collie’s coat is two layer, made up of a soft, downy under-coat and a longer, courser outer-coat. Generally speaking, the larger the dog and more hair he has, the more time-intensive the grooming routine will be. Tolerates Being Left Alone: Rough Collies tend to have separation anxiety when their owners left them alone at home because they bond very closely with them. Most Collies will naturally shed twice a year, in the spring and fall, as they are changing coats to acclimate to changes in weather, to the winter coat in fall and to the summer coat in spring. To some degree shedding is just a part of owning a Collie. Only then can you properly deal with the problem. Rough Collies shed worse 2-4 times a year; Smooth shed more year-round, and, like others have mentioned, the shorter hair can be harder to clean up. First it is important to determine why your Collie is shedding. Because of the amount of shedding that your rough collie does, this breed is not suitable for a home with allergy sufferers. Shedding Level: Rough Collies are heavy shedders. The rough collie gives a more mane-like appearance, with hair that poofs out and makes the dog appear larger. Speaking of wearing Collie hair, I have known people who collected sacks of Collie hair, spun it into yarn and knitted sweaters from it. Some health issues that can cause shedding are: If you have determined that diet could be an issue with your dog’s shedding, try improving the quality of your dog food and see if it makes a noticeable difference for your Collie. Your email address will not be published. They are simply shedding the old, dead fur and replacing it with a new batch. If you hope to live with a Collie you need to come to grips with what I consider the only negative side of Collie ownership which is periodic shedding. Collies in particular are very sensitive, to human emotions, to changes in environment and to missing people they love. You can even vacuum your Collie! Follow this link to check prices on dog food to promote coat health on Amazon. Then I founded the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association a year later in 2010 to bring together various breeding efforts and to track pedigrees. An undercoat rake is another excellent tool for removing those stubborn dead hairs in the undercoat. Either way, shedding is normal among most healthy dogs. That means massive shedding all over your place! In previous posts I have documented the existence the English Sheep-Dog or English Shepherd’s Dog, which appear as a close relative of the Scotch Collie but quite different from today’s Old English Sheepdog, as a […], Note: The story below is about Willie, a “Northumbrian collie” from the Cheviot Hills, no doubt a representative of the regional shepherd dogs that would become know as the Border Collie in later years and […], The Duchess of Roxburghe recently had a practical little lesson in the fact that money cannot do everything. This is best done daily during heavy shedding times. And you can eliminate unwanted hair before it gets into the environment of your house with brushing or vacuuming. dog food to promote coat health on Amazon, undercoat rakes on Amazon by following this link, link to shop for dog shampoos for shedding control, dog vacuuming equipment on Amazon at this link. If so then you can try to minimize the stress and/or wait for the dog to adjust to the new situation and see if the shedding improves. Shedding is really the one big negative to Collies at least in my opinion. The main difference is that the rough (AKA Long-Haired) variety of Collie sheds more heavily during spring and fall, while smooth Collies tend to shed more evenly from month to month. Check Lipiderm prices on Amazon here. Grooming Routine. Brushing your dog is actually the best and first thing you should do to manage shedding. Bathing will help to loosen and remove dead hairs and keep the skin clean and healthy. It is this under-coat that is main culprit in seasonal shedding. Others will shed after heat and many others will shed after having a litter of puppies. The supplement Lipiderm which contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids may also help to improve your dog’s skin and hair health. Although your rough-coated collie sports a lot of hair, if you keep up with regular brushing, excessive shedding isn't usually a problem. The smooth collie looks sleeker, as his hair lies flatter against his body. Brush in both directions several times until the amount if hair removed with each brushing becomes less. (smile). level 2 I remain a passionate advocate for the Scotch Collie, this is my personal website for promoting this amazing dog breed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (Incidentally, Smooth Collies are cheaper to have professionally groomed if cost will be a factor.) Try treating with over the counter treatments but if that does not work do not hesitate to see your vet about this before it gets out of hand. If it does not make a noticeable difference you can always switch back. Check out the selection of dog vacuuming equipment on Amazon at this link. Use this in the direction of coat growth being careful not to pull on tangles. One particular Collie of mine will often lose so much under-coat that she seems almost hairless with just her guard hairs left and very little of her under-coat, no longer soft to the touch. Your email address will not be published. There are a whole lot of potential health related causes for hair loss. There's an exception -- twice a year, collies "blow" their coat, which means your decor consists of a dog hair theme. You should always strive to keep your Collie free of parasites but sometimes they can get infested before you realize it. Frequent baths can also reduce shedding problems in Collies. Rou… Most Collies will naturally shed twice a year, in the spring and fall, as they are changing coats to acclimate to changes in weather, to the winter coat in fall and to the summer coat in spring. How often should rough collies be groomed? You can shop for undercoat rakes on Amazon by following this link. I would like a deep sable, white, and with black. A Collie’s coat is two layer, made up of a soft, downy under-coat and a longer, courser outer-coat. Keeping your dog happy and relaxed is always a good idea anyway. A white collie has a sable and white head, but an entirely white body. I created this website in 2009 to document the history of the breed and efforts to save them. Make sure to select a good shampoo that promotes coat health of which there are many on the market to choose from. Here is the link to shop for dog shampoos for shedding control. Generally you should not worry unless your Collie’s shedding lasts for an extended period or seems excessive. If you brush your Collie every day you will find the hair in your house much reduced.

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