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You may be attracted to the features and benefits of single premium life insurance. On one, easy-to-use site, you can access policies from the more than 40 insurance providers with which we work, and this includes those single premium whole life carriers. Single premium life insurance policies are specifically designed to be funded by one single premium payment. He will pay less but will have the same amount of guaranteed coverage until the age of 121. Most of the family’s assets were tied up in the family business or other investments. This Long Term Care Rider came to her rescue and saved her from spending her life savings in annuities, Roth IRA, and other investments. By clicking "Get My Quote Now or Submit", I provide my signature, expressly authorizing Alliance and Associates, their agents or partner companies to contact me at the number and address provided with insurance quotes or to obtain additional information for such purpose, via live, prerecorded or autodialed calls, text messages or emails for a period of 3 years. You will only pay tax on the gain if you decide to withdraw or borrow from the policy. To find the best single premium life insurance option, please allow your agent or advisor to do some digging for you. Let’s look at an example. Shop the top single premium life insurance companies today. Life Insurance leverages client’s funds to create an estate that can provide for their beneficiaries. That is an instant gain of $330,000. There are generally two options, regular premium and single premium insurance policy. For example, if a 40-year old male in good health can get a 30-year term life insurance for an annual premium of $980. These riders add specific value to your plan and can be useful to the insured while living. Single premium life insurance policies offer the insured the ability to make one lump-sum premium payment in exchange for a guaranteed death benefit. An insurance company may decide to come up with some other fancy rider in future. Upon her demise, Elizabeth’s estate would trigger an estate tax in the range of $5M. The best part was the death benefit would go to the beneficiary federal income tax-free! When you visit, you will see just how easy it can be to find and buy the insurance coverage you’ve been looking for. Single premium life insurance policies are specifically designed to be funded by one single premium payment. This was a cash value policy, fully-funded and never to lapse. A single-premium whole life, or SPL, insurance policy could save your heirs a bundle in taxes. You can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. It is always a good idea to talk about available riders when purchasing a single premium life insurance plan. With single-premium life insurance policies, the funds invested in the policy build up rapidly because the insurance policy is completely funded by the policyholder. Time. Find Single Premium Whole Life Insurance Carriers and get quotes on with our quick quote engine. Whole life insurance. When she was struck by a paralyzing stroke at the age of 67, the world around her became dense and dark. Women usually get more for less. It can also build cash value, which you can access through loans. Most life insurance companies offer single premium whole life insurance policies. Simply speaking, the best single premium life insurance is the one that offers you the most coverage for a single payment and covers you for an entire lifetime. Single Premium Whole Life Insurance Carriers, Find Single Premium Whole Life Carriers at It is mainly due to the mortality factor. Long story short, she escaped from becoming bankrupt due to a decision she could afford to make when purchasing her life insurance policy about 9 years back. Try our free rate calculator and compare cost fast. Since the ladies in her family did not live beyond age 85, she knew the permanent life insurance she just took would do its job. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Offline playball41 Expert. By opting for this rider, whenever available, the insured ends up receiving a combination benefit of life insurance and Long Term Care insurance in a single policy. Generally, the premiums depend upon the insured’s age, health, the amount of coverage, the length of time and the activities that cause risk to life. What is Single Premium Insurance and How It Works? We could easily get him the same coverage for less if he did not want cash values. Finding the best single premium life insurance carrier will depend on many factors, such as age, health condition and many other factors evaluated during the underwriting process. Even the best premium life insurance requires a massive upfront payment to fund the policy. Just so you know that a single premium whole life plan can be structured as non-MEC. A perfectly healthy female at age 50 can get a $500,000 single premium guaranteed universal life plan for only $101,605. However, there could also be an IRS penalty as these policies are usually considered Modified Endowment Contract. Her son, Alex, the only child by her late husband, was a brilliant young man who took over the family business upon father’s death and kept it running successfully. That’s how simple it is! Single-premium whole life (SPWL) is a type of life insurance in which a lump sum of money is paid into the policy in return for a death benefit that is … If a non-smoker male in perfect health at age 50 contributes $163,295 into a Single Premium non-participating Whole Life Insurance plan with cash values, his immediate coverage could be as much as $500,000. Nothing could be easier than learning about the various policies that are available, comparing rates from among the insurance providers who offer those policies and contacting a knowledgeable support team who can answer all of your questions, all in one place. If, however, you are interested in whole life insurance, it is important for us to talk. At, everything we do and has done has been to help make the insurance shopping experience more positive for consumers. By doing so, the insured ends up with substantial premium savings. Single premium life insurance is also known as paid-up insurance, or single pay life insurance. Single premium life insurance (SPL) … This will briefly provide the needed information on both Read further to know what the policy is and how it works. A few of the insurance carriers accept advance single premium for a term life insurance plan. Elizabeth got approved by an A+ rated carrier at a Standard risk and paid only $2,275,160 to receive a single premium universal life insurance policy of $5,000,000. When it comes to finding single premium whole life carriers, insurance shoppers have faced the same drawn out and sometimes confusing process—until now. Anyone who is subject to estate tax or death tax will find single pay life insurance extremely useful. Since they cover the insured till the age of 100 and sometimes beyond, there is an inherent guarantee that at one point in time the life insurance proceeds will surely reach the intended beneficiary. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of single premium whole life insurance, or SPWL policies. ife insurance policies typically have ongoing, regular premium payments. So the dividends are index-based and not guaranteed. No financial planning is complete without a properly structured life insurance policy. Click here for your real-time rates. Why Agents Offer Single Premium Life Insurance. For now, these are two basic living benefits. One of my clients, Elizabeth, age 72, with a net worth of a little over $12M had a comfortable life with substantial income coming from various sources. If you like the idea of making one lump payment into a death benefit that will go to your beneficiaries after you die, then check out the single premium whole life insurance carriers with whom we’ve partnered. The life applications can usually have quick underwriting decisions; some carriers allow approval the same day as the application. If he dies the next day or any time till the age of 121, his beneficiary will receive a total of $500,000 generally income-tax-free, if structured properly.

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