snail feed in nigeria

By reason of this, you do not have to purchase a costly plot of land before you can begin your own snail farming business in Nigeria. Snail farmers are making huge profit as the global demand for the delicacy increases. Snails constitute popular food items in Nigeria and it is believable that both poor and rich Nigerians consume them in large quantities. Some farming businesses (such as poultry farming) are extremely competitive in Nigeria. On this note, you should also prevent your snails from the intake of chlorinated water. There are two major ways of procuring snails for rearing purposes, either by purchasing life snails or catching the snails yourself. The snails should be fed as at when due, if you really want them a very well. Providing your snails with regular feeds is another essential thing you should bear in mind while managing snails. As a result of increased The essence of feeding the snails is to aid reproduction capacity and So, start climbing the success stairs by starting up a small snail farm beside your apartment. Achatina Achatina (Giant Ghana Snail or Tiger Land Snail) – common Meanwhile, an adult snail with full maturity will potentially have a large hard shell. Always remember that the performance of your snails depends solely on the type of feeds they are fed with. easily drained. To begin, you need to know what snails feed on and the list of snail food. Snail meat is very nutritious. Therefore, it is best to have mini-sized walls capped with wire gauze. leaves of paw-paw, cocoyam, banana, sweet potato and cassava.Snails eat a lot More so, if you don’t want your business to be run, managed or handled poorly, it is advisable to write a business plan for it. Avoid salt and salty foods, since snails do not survive In that case, ensure you spread sufficient amounts of loamy soil on the concrete floor of the pen. and all edible fruits. The next stage is provision of shelter for the snails. However, this doesn’t mean it is compulsory to get “snail formula’’ as snails feed on various foods including flowers, grains, tubers, fruits, leaves, concentrates, industrial offshoots and so on. In fact, you can start snail farming within your neighbourhood by setting up a suitable piece of land. This is very essential whether you’re sticking with a low-fenced pen or the high-fenced one. Though we highlighted the diseases that may affect snails, only little to nothing has been said about the certainty of snails suffering these diseases. Likewise, ensure the snails you have selected are mature for reproduction so that you can start breeding thousands of snails in time. Importantly, a business plan gives an insightful summary about the aspect of a business and what the business is likely to achieve in that direction. For the reason that such a young snail needs enough space for growth, it should be kept in a separate place (probably a pen) from where the adult snails live. For example, a single African land giant [one of the common snail species] may be sold #500 or more depending on market conditions and the seller’s preference. One more important thing to note while choosing your preferred land for snail farming is the soil type of the land. Meanwhile, snail farming is not excluded in this regard because it may be established as a large-scale or small-scale business. Having a good indepth knowledge about snail farming.. So, you may consider a number of factors in deciding the price you feel your snails should be sold in the market. There is also good market for snail meat in the international market if only you can do a good packaging. That being said, ensure you empty your snail pen of any food your snails fail to eat within two days. So feed your snails well for better growth and increased returns. Snail is rich in protein and irons, low in fat, and contain almost all the amino acids needed by human. In fact, this is an advisable way of setting up a snail house that will prevent your snails from escaping your vicinity. Thus, snail farming has become one of the most lucrative farming businesses in the country. Fill the house with a substrate (soil, small stones, pieces of wood and other things common in a typical habitat). Capital is one of the essential things one must consider before setting up any business. Also with the help of an adequate business plan, you can easily determine whether your business of snail farming is yielding profit or loss. fragile animals that must be properly sheltered in favorable weather Soil is the major part of a snail habitat, because it contains components and chemical substances the snails need to survive. soil. vegetables eaten by man. So, start climbing the success stairs by starting up a small snail farm beside your apartment. Meanwhile, the common snail species in Nigeria are: Although there are a significant number of snail species, experts have chosen Achatina Achatina as the best option for rearing purposes. Snails are nocturnal animals (very active at night), and they have a high sense of smell. to fast-track the breeding rate, the growth of your business, and to In reality, the diseases suffered by snails are not great in number and we have tried to highlight some of them in this article. Drawing up a business plan is the next step in snail farming after convincing yourself that snail farming is a lucrative farming business you should tap into. Whether you are starting snail farming on a mini scale or large scale, there are a pretty number of advantages you are certain to enjoy. But if you are only interested in setting up a small area of land for the purpose of rearing a considerable amount of snails, you may not need much capital to get started. If you have been looking for a lucrative farming business with little to no instance of environmental pollution, snail farming is a pretty choice for you. Feeding troughs, Water troughs, Hand gloves, Colored marker, Hand Sir has you have bless me today with this heart richly information God will rain dawn Blessing for you. Like other animals, snails require food to grow quickly and reproduce under normal conditions. This care guide will attempt to shed light on snail dehydrated, exposure to much wind leads to loss of water, resulting in Diseases and Pests Associated with Snails, Problems associated with the growth of shells, Roughness of shell surfaces (especially in new parts of shells), Biologists group snails under Phylum Mollusca precisely because they lack backbones, Snails are said to be sluggish creatures but the fastest of them is the “, Research shows that over a thousand snail species exist on earth. But again, snails usually have to exchange sperms with one another for the fertilization of the eggs produced, The tongue of a snail is known as radula and it situates about 14, 175 teeth, Heliculture (alternatively heliciculture) is the official name for snail farming as it involves nurturing land snails for the purpose of human consumption, Common snail species are regarded as herbivorous animals. Meanwhile, it is unreasonable to start a business you don’t have a liking for. They can grow up to 20cm long, and live up to 10 years. Snail farming business as we know is a lucrative business to venture into, as much as a large population is diversifying, we have decided to produce feeds to help farmers boost the growth of their snails and to make them Healthy, we offer a well formulated feed which is produced and packaged here in Nigeria, it has been tested and proven effective to the growth of snails . lays its eggs in the soil, and burrow deep inside. Likewise, endeavor to supplement their feeds with good water. dryness of the animal. Introduction to Snail Farming: Before the discovery of crude oil in 1956, Agriculture was the mainstay of our dear country Nigeria and our country was known for the export of agricultural produce to neighboring countries. Most people love to call it “The Jollof for Snails” because it helps your snails to grow better and produce much more. Unfortunately, agriculture has been relegated to the background hence the reason our GDP is dropping by the day. But luckily, snail farming is not included in this category of farming businesses because only few people practise it in Nigeria. As you read this article further, you will find out how you can get started with snail farming and the day-to-day activities you should be occupied with in order to make snail farming a viable source of substantial wealth for yourself.

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