swietenia macrophylla wood

Three days later in went into anaphylactic shock. Common Name(s): Honduran Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, American Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany, Big-Leaf Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany, Distribution: From Southern Mexico to central South America; also commonly grown on plantations, Tree Size: 150-200 ft (46-60 m) tall, 3-6 ft (1-2 m) trunk diameter, Average Dried Weight: 37 lbs/ft3 (590 kg/m3), Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .52, .59, Modulus of Rupture: 11,710 lbf/in2 (80.8 MPa), Elastic Modulus: 1,458,000 lbf/in2 (10.06 GPa), Crushing Strength: 6,760 lbf/in2 (46.6 MPa), Shrinkage: Radial: 2.9%, Tangential: 4.3%, Volumetric: 7.5%, T/R Ratio: 1.5, Color/Appearance: Heartwood color can vary a fair amount with Honduran Mahogany, from a pale pinkish brown, to a darker reddish brown. Depending on where you live that might even be problematic. I posted a picture to help. Much of it was, but it was also being harvested in a range of other places, from Mexico to southern Amazonia in Brazil. Substitutes sometimes used are African Mahogany or Sapele. Are Rosewoods (and Bubinga) really banned by CITES? From Calvo et al. This happened four days in a row. Prices are in the mid range for an imported hardwood, though it tends to be more expensive than African Mahogany. [11], These cases that happened are the first reports of Swietenia Macrophylla seeds’ association with liver injury. Swietenia belizensis Lundell. Restored and with a new finish this wood out standing. Tree & Wood Descriptions for: Swietenia macrophylla : Product Sources: Some material from this species is reported to be available from environmentally responsible or sustainably managed sources. CITES(EU) Schutzstatus. Meliaceae + Synonyms. King. Workability: Typically very easy to work with tools: machines well. Then it spread to my entire body. Swietenia krukovii Gleason. Common Uses: Furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, veneers, musical instruments, boatbuilding, and carving. Well, the board split anyway. Given the age, it may be Cuban mahogany. Swietenia macrophylla. [7], Mahogany is characterised by its large leaves (up to 45 cm long). Figured or quartersawn lumber is more expensive. Sands very easily. The owner says that it is Honduran Mahogany, but i dont know. [7], Unlike mahogany sourced from its native locations, plantation mahogany grown in Asia is not restricted in trade. Hi there Craig what a amazing story and great research. It came for a lumber yard in Pennsylvania which closed for business in 1994 and auctioned all of its lumber. how great would it be for you to do the same thing. Then as we talked more she told me her husband actually picked it all up 30 years prior when his university was replacing the chapels organ, he was a professor there. (With exception to sections with figured grain, which can tearout or chip during machining.) These septifragal capsules dehisce into three parts. [7], The seeds of mahogany can reach 7 to 12 cm long. i build stuff from timber with a identifiable past life extending its use on for another generation. Nearly leafless, fruiting tree. Many Meliaceae grown in Sri Lanka including S. macrophylla are susceptible to an So…you could probably get away with harvesting smaller trees, but I doubt you’ll get enough in only 15 years. I have a plan to plant them for building my children’s house. 16: t. 1550 (1886). Comments: Honduran Mahogany goes by many names, yet perhaps its most accurate and telling name is Genuine Mahogany. Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Honduran Mahogany has been reported as a sensitizer. The usual dose of Swietenia Macrophylla prescribed in Malaysian folk-lore medicine is one seed per day. Similar Woods . It is one of three species that yields genuine mahogany timber (Swietenia), the others being Swietenia mahagoni and Swietenia humilis. (This is a monthly update, and your email will be kept private.). Fluorescence: A Secret Weapon in Wood Identification, Bow Woods (from a mathematical perspective), Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian, and Other Rosewoods, Genuine Lignum Vitae and Argentine Lignum Vitae, BOOK: WOOD! Drying and Shrinkage: The wood can be air-seasoned and kiln-dried easily without appreciable warping or checking. FYI: I receive a commission on sales generated through links to Amazon, eBay, etc. [12], The species is also known under other common names, including bastard mahogany,[13] broad-leaved mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, large-leaved mahogany, genuine mahogany, tropical American mahogany, and sky fruit, among others. It’s crazy to think some wood dust was trying to kill me… Read more », I build solid body guitars maple cap with mahogany body and need a supplier of 5 – 6 2″ solid single piece body slabs at a time and having a hard time finding one that ships to the U.S.. Any ideas? There are also the report of single case kidney injury and polyarthralgia. Swietenia macrophylla King, Hooker’s Icon. The fruits of mahogany can be measure to 40 cm in length, in a light grey to brown capsule. What would be the best treatment for them, trying to keep the natural colour as best one can. Sustainability: This wood species is in CITES Appendix II, and is on the IUCN Red List. Grain/Texture: Grain can be straight, interlocked, irregular or wavy. Knowing of university I did an internet search of it’s history and found… Read more ». The tree is also planted in Laos PDR. Photograph by: Gerrit Davidse. It is native to South America, Mexico and Central America, but naturalized in the Philippines, Singapore and Hawaii,[2][6] and cultivated in plantations and wind-breaks elsewhere. Thanks, Larry. Rot Resistance: Varies from moderately durable to very durable depending on density and growing conditions of the tree. Swietenia tessmannii Harms. From Martinez et al. [citation needed], Revised historic distribution of mahogany in South America based on expert surveys. Consumption of Swietenia macrophylla seeds can lead to hepatitis and autoimmune phenomena", "HSA Updates on Reports of Liver Injury After Consumption of Mahogany Seeds (Sky Fruit)", "CHP investigates suspected cases of hepatotoxicity after consumption of sky fruit seeds and related products", "Acute oral toxicity studies of Swietenia macrophylla seeds in Sprague Dawley rats", International Federation of Building and Wood Workers, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Swietenia_macrophylla&oldid=988134155, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2016, CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of November 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Historic range of big-leaf mahogany in South America, Current range of big-leaf mahogany in South America, English - big leaf mahogany, large-leaved mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, French - Acajou à grandes feuilles, acajou du Honduras, This page was last edited on 11 November 2020, at 08:36.

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