uva ursi tincture recipe

Uva-ursi is largely considered a safe herb, keeping in mind that it is both cooling and drying. The benefits of this product is diuretic, astringent and antiseptic properties, it reduces the accumulation of uric acid, high concentrations of which have been associated with conditions such as gout and kidney stones. Uva Ursi/Bearberry Recipes A person who won't read has no advantage over a person who can't read.- Mark Twain. Please consult a physician or pharmacist before using while taking prescription medication, or while pregnant or nursing. 2 Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) 20 gr 1 Nettles (Urtica dioica) 10 gr ===== Lower Circulation 5 Butchers Broom Root (Ruscus aculeatus) 32 gr 5 Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus spp.) Check out our uva ursi tincture selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our tinctures shops. Uva Ursi also has a reputation for women’s issues such as excessive menstruation. The leaves of this small shrub have been used as an herbal folk medicine for centuries as a mild diuretic and astringent, and in the treatment of urinary tract infections such as cystitis, … Uva Ursi is a traditional remedy for blood sugar issues. It is also useful for prostate weakness and urinary issues in men. As such avoid excessive and unnecessary use. H Felter writes 'Uva Ursi is a true diuretic acting ... tea that we nearly always give for urinary tract infections or other urinary tract conditions that might benefit from Uva-ursi is called UT tea - the recipe for it can be widely ... and easier to maintain, to use a tincture of Uva-ursi whereby approximately 3 … Additional Uva Ursi Information. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi is a plant species of the genus Arctostaphylos (manzanita). Site Map. Home Annuals Architectural Elements Backyard Habitat Biennials Bonsa i … To find local independent stores in your area that sell Uva-ursi and Echinacea tincture, simply type your postcode below. In Lyme Disease, it is used for urinary tract infections caused by mycoplasma bacteria that is unaffected by many common antibiotics. Uva Ursi strengthens the heart muscle, and has a tonic and balancing effect on the spleen, liver, pancreas, and small intestine. Herb Index Page. Our Uva-ursi and Echinacea tincture is a licensed herbal remedy used to relieve symptoms of cystitis in women. Uva Ursi is used primarily for urinary tract disorders, such as infections of the kidney, bladder and urethra; inflammation in the urinary tract; increased urination; painful urination and urine that contains excess uric acid or other acids. Growing Uva Ursi Medicinal Uses Magic & Superstition. Uva Ursi is still the most popular herb in use today for relieving kidney and bladder infections, inflammation and kidney stones. 32 gr 5 Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) 32 gr 4 Bilberry Leaf (Vaccinium myrtillus) 26 gr

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