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The development of new vegan … If we look at search volume around vegan terms, we can see that ‘Meat alternative’ terms were searched the most in 2019. Driving this market growth are veggie and vegan brands; some long standing, and some very recently established. As a reaction to the realities of eating and farming meat, many people are going vegan, whether exclusively, or for just a few days a week. Dairy options was the market leader in 2018 and is expected to retain its dominance over the years. Look to the search landscape for vegan market opportunities, As Google strives to serve the user the ‘Answer’ to their query (or as close as it can get), it reveals a user’s intent in the results it surfaces. In fact, a record 400,000 people signed up for veganuary 2020. As we’ve seen above, tracking this growing trend in search can give you an idea of the scope of interest, but analysing search volume alone isn’t enough – digging into the SERP landscape itself can reveal more about what consumers want. By submitting you agree to our Privacy Policy. The market research study on “Vegan Food Market- Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2019 - 2026” offers detailed insights on global Vegan Food market segments with market dynamics and their impact. In fact, the top growing vegan terms in search are almost all product based: There’s no escaping the rising milk mania, as every nut under the sun is made into a dairy alternative. North America came to represent more than 31% of the total market as the biggest regional market in 2018. In the UK, the share of meat-free fresh products based on plants has increased from 2014 to 2017. Different businesses are concentrating on biological growth policies such as launches of products and product approvals. Approx. Due to high growth possibilities, major companies on the market focused on extending their company in Asia-Pacific. Googled is three times as good as gluten-free and vegetarian goods. The consumer base in this sector has improved the understanding of the multiple health advantages provided by vegetable food products. The increase in the lactose intolerance rate can be ascribed to the growing supply of milk options. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Asia Pacific, on the other side, is expected to grow by more than 11.5% from 2019 to 2026 on the world market at the fastest CAGR. 25 Nov 2020, Graham Charlton Which segment was the biggest distributor in vegan food market? The plant-based product launches became the leading economy. Van Deursen says that the vegan market will expand enormously next year, with new companies entering this marketplace and big corporations executing huge takeovers of existing brands. Meat consumption decreased substantially in 2017 in Sweden. Moreover, the United States has many individuals intolerant to lactose that fuels the request for alternative dairy products. Walmart has began supplying food online as the leading multinational retail company. How much was the worldwide turnover of dairy alternatives in vegan food market? As Google strives to serve the user the ‘Answer’ to their query (or as close as it can get), it reveals a user’s intent in the results it surfaces. In other words, the term vegan could serve as an adjective for the description of a food product, for example "This chicken is vegan" or "Vegans like cookies, too,". In this section you will find convenience shops, shops, hypermarkets and supermarkets. 20 Oct 2020, © 2020 Pi Datametrics | An Intelligent Positioning Analytics Solution | Terms & conditions Food brands looking to move into the vegan market need to think about introducing vegan foods authentically into their product mix; it’s one thing to have a vegan product, but another to ensure your whole business model aligns with the vegan ideals about meat & dairy farming. The biggest product sector in 2018, with more than 50% of worldwide turnover, was Dairy Alternatives. The growing number of brands jumping on this trend is broadening the market, as well as encouraging the trend. One in three Americans has stopped consuming meat in the last few years, or decreased it. Brands looking to move into the vegan market can scrape ‘People also ask’ information for consumer research, and optimise their content to perform in this space.

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